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Leena Cook, L.Ac.
Owner Licensed, Board-Certified Acupuncturist
Ahmad El, L.Ac.
Licensed, Board-Certified Acupuncturist

About Us

At Healthy Body and Soul, we will do all that we can to assist you with your pain management and pain relief, as our acupuncture services are the most skilled, experienced, and professional that you could find in Georgia.
The acupuncturists that we have on staff here have a passion for healing and will be able to apply their extensive knowledge, skill and experience into taking care of your needs, whatever they may be.
Whether you are interested in acupuncture as a way to deal with back pain, to help with stress, pain relief, infertility, or the many other conditions addressed, we look forward to helping you feel better.

We Take Insurance:

For your first visit with us you should set aside a time
frame of about an hour. Your visit will be one where we
will evaluate all of your concerns from physical,
emotional, and mental health. We also offer nutritional
advice. You will be evaluated from a Chinese medical
perspective and given an appropriate Acupuncture
treatment as well as follow up treatment.