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Needleless Energy Treatments

What is a Needleless Energetic Treatment?

It is a powerful treatment modality within Chinese Energetic Medicine that utilizes the bio-electric energy/Qi of the patient and treater, and the energy/Qi of the environment. Needleless Energetic Treatments treat diseased conditions of the body, assists the body in disease prevention and promotes the overall health of the body without the use of acupuncture needles.

Young woman enjoying a massage at a spa
Beautiful young woman relaxing with hand massage at beauty spa

Needleless Energetic Treatments are effective for treating:

How are Needleless Energetic Treatments Different from Other Energy Healing Modalities?

Needleless Energetic Treatments are based on Chinese Energetic Medicine Therapy, which is the root of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There is a plethora of academia available regarding it’s effectiveness. A patient’s physical, energetic and spiritual  constitution are addressed simultaneously  through diagnosis and treatment. Patient’s are also given prescription exercises  to expedite their healing process.