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Product Features

  • 💝 Massage Tools Kit 7PCS: Made of high-quality natural resin, durable, Static-free, super easy to care for and clean. Pure hand-grinding to made ultra-smooth surfaces and edges will never scratch or hurt your skin.
  • 😍 Perfect Design: A perfect handheld massager for deeply stimulating muscles and acupuncture points. With different size and shape, can be used on full-body massages, such as eye, face, scalp, neck, shoulders, back, forearms, waist, calves, legs, and feet.
  • 💗 Benefits: Massage the eyes, face, and neck to tighten the skin to prevent the appearance of fine lines. After using eye cream, face cream, and neck cream, the effect is better. It can help the skin absorb skincare ingredients. Can also be used to massage other body parts, promote blood circulation, soothe muscles, eliminate puffiness, relieve soreness.
  • 🌈 Easy to Use: No need for skills, you just need to choose a suitable shape for massage. It’s better to use eye cream, face cream, body lotion, essential oils, etc. The massage kit is not only suitable for beauty salons, foot baths, and spas but can also be used to relax at home or massage for the family to maintain a healthy state. This is also a perfect gift for family or friends.

Package Included
7 Pcs Set Gua Sha Massage Board Tool


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